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Kasa Fashion Runways


01. Project Info

Kasa is an international fashion brand founded in Kathmandu, Nepal. Kasa Fashion Runways is Kasa's online event management system where they manage the fashion events that they organize. The events happen at several time intervals where models from all over the world participate to showcase the clothing designs made by KASA. In order to gather the participants, audience, sponsors, donations, make-up artists and designers, etc. they require a system to manage the new entries and also display information about the events. The users need to be able to add all the information about the events and also the people who want to be a part of the event should be able to register into the system. So, a system that has great visualization of the events as well as a well-integrated event management system is to be designed.

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02. The Story

Kasa Fashion Runways hosts several events throughout the year and in order to manage and display all the information regarding the events, a well-integrated and easy to use system is necessary. A system is to be developed where models, make-up artists, sponsors, audience and designers can register and insert their information into the website. The data and information need to be viewed and analyzed by the Client to process and move further with the event. All the events have different themes with different participants and sponsors, so a custom CMS is required to manage them. In order to do so, Stylus Technology designed and developed a website with custom CMS with all the features catering to the requirements.

03. Our Process

In order to create a website where all the events can be displayed well and managed, the first phase i.e. requirement gathering and planning is carried out. Several meetings, research, brainstorming sessions and ideas gathering is carried out to find out all the possibilities and features the website should include. The requirements and features were filtered out to ensure unnecessary elements are not included. After that, the design phase was initiated where a suitable and attractive design was created with several prototypes. After finalizing the design, the system was developed thoroughly as per the requirements. The final system is tested in a thorough manner to ensure any issues found in the system is eliminated. A training session was also provided to the clients to ensure they know how to use the system easily. After the completion of all the phases of development, the website is deployed where new and upcoming events are managed without any sort of difficulty.



Collection and analysis of data gathered about the project, allows us the better understanding of the goals, scope and limitations.



From required specification, to user personas or to a brand-model — the results gathered are developed into the first set of functional tools.



Creative concept or a system design — every solution needs a conceptual design that the further work will be based on.



Developing detailed design for a website and/or doing the technical implementation.



After all the testings by project team, the project is ready to go live. Thus, the product is ready to be used by end-users.

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