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FOODGANJ Contactless Menu


01. Project Info

Foodganj Contactless Menu is a service provided by Foodganj, a food delivery app in Kathmandu, Nepal to its vendors. This menu allows users to scan and view the menu of the restaurants with a rich experience with support for images, upto date pricing and dishes , all without downloading any app.

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02. The Story

Foodganj, a food delivery app in Kathmandu, Nepal wished to provide a service to its vendors (restaurants) with an exclusive service. Stylus Technology pitched the idea of a virtual menu that opens up just by scanning. This idea was well researched, and executed with our expertise in order to provide a contact less menu for restaurants which is very helpful especially in the time of the pandemic ( COVID-19).

03. Our Process

Proper research, requirements gathering, design and development process was carried out in order to develop a system that the end-users can use without much hassel. It benefits the users as well as the restaurant owners. The system provides a rich experience to the users where they can view all the menu items of the restaurants with pictures and prices. Contactless menu is the way to go for all restaurants in this time of the pandemic.



Collection and analysis of data gathered about the project, allows us the better understanding of the goals, scope and limitations.



From required specification, to user personas or to a brand-model — the results gathered are developed into the first set of functional tools.



Creative concept or a system design — every solution needs a conceptual design that the further work will be based on.



Developing detailed design for a website and/or doing the technical implementation.



After all the testings by project team, the project is ready to go live. Thus, the product is ready to be used by end-users.

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