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Website Design & Development

Saatyaki Pathshala


01. Project Info

Saatyaki Pathshala is a school situated at Nakhipot, Tutepani, Lalitpur run by an experienced and dedicated team of experts with 24 years of educational experiences. They required a website which showcases their services and all the information regarding the school and the team. All of the requirements of the clients including a notice conveying system for the students and guardians are designed and developed for the school.

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02. The Story

Saatyaki Pathshala, an educational institution that is run by very experienced professionals who teach and nurture their students for a bright future. The client wanted a website which could display their expertise and services as well as provide information about the school and their courses. The client required a web presence in the form of a website where they could provide all of the information about the school, the services, the expertise and also have a virtual notice board. In order to do so, Stylus Technology came in with a proposal to create a website with a custom backend which can be used by anyone with little to no experience about web systems. A well-designed system with attractive GUI and UX to ensure the users will have a pleasant time using the website is developed.

03. Our Process

The requirements of the clients are discovered through several meetings, brainstorming and research. After the completion of the requirements gathering process, the technologies to be used to develop the website were to be chosen. As the clients wanted a system that is easy to use for both front end and back end, we decided to develop a custom CMS for the back-end. Php with Laravel framework is used to develop a website that meets the requirements of the client and also follow a theme of the educational institution. Firstly, all the necessary data and information about the school to be displayed on the website are gathered. Then the design of the front- end and back-end were worked on. The website was developed as per the planning with all the requirements of the clients met. Finally, the website and the CMS are tested for any issues. After the completion of all the phases, the website is deployed.



Collection and analysis of data gathered about the project, allows us the better understanding of the goals, scope and limitations.



From required specification, to user personas or to a brand-model — the results gathered are developed into the first set of functional tools.



Creative concept or a system design — every solution needs a conceptual design that the further work will be based on.



Developing detailed design for a website and/or doing the technical implementation.



After all the testings by project team, the project is ready to go live. Thus, the product is ready to be used by end-users.

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