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01. Project Info

Sagarmatha Institute for Technology and Medical Science Pvt. Ltd. is an institute that provides entrepreneurial skills to the youth aiming to develop a wide professional network. SITAMS NEPAL requires a website to showcase their information and programmes as well as News and opportunities. In order to manage all the information and programmes they offer, they require a CMS where they can add and update data and information.

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02. The Story

SITAMS NEPAL has several programmes that help the youth develop skills and become self-sufficient. A system is to be developed where they can share all the information about their organization and the programmes they offer. A corporate website is fitting for the client as per their requirement. So, Stylus Technology designed an as per the client's liking and the organization's theme and a custom CMS where they can manage all the data and information in an easy manner.

03. Our Process

SITAMS NEPAL wants a website that represents the organization through a well designed and developed system. Firstly, the requirements are gathered through meetings. Research and conceptualization are carried out to find any new features that can be added to the system to display the data and information in a more organized manner. The designs and prototypes are created and analyzed. Then, the development of the system is carried out where PHP and laravel framework is used. A well-integrated system that meets all the requirements of the clients are met is developed and deployed.



Collection and analysis of data gathered about the project, allows us the better understanding of the goals, scope and limitations.



From required specification, to user personas or to a brand-model — the results gathered are developed into the first set of functional tools.



Creative concept or a system design — every solution needs a conceptual design that the further work will be based on.



Developing detailed design for a website and/or doing the technical implementation.



After all the testings by project team, the project is ready to go live. Thus, the product is ready to be used by end-users.

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